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The Fort Worth, based Muntean Enterprises is dedicated to making the multimedia design process more manageable. Muntean Enterprises was started to help clients make their ideas into digital masterpieces. Whatever medium that you are interested in:

  • Web sites - personal or corporate
    • Increase business traffic
    • Search engine submission
    • Post pictures, video, or animation on the web with your own site
  • Video - Full editing and shooting services available for output as:
    • MPEG - medium sized file
    • WMV - e-mail ready viewed in Windows Media Player
    • REAL - e-mail ready viewed in REAL player
    • VCD - Video CD, compatible with most DVD players and CDRs
    • VHS tape
  • Animation - files for banner adds and animated Printed materials-
      • brochures
      • flyers
      • adds
  • Logo design - Make a statement with your own personalized logo

Muntean Enterprises can help you with all of your mulitmedia needs at very reasonable prices.


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